Basecamp Kilo Rifle Sling
Basecamp Kilo Rifle Sling

Basecamp Kilo Rifle Sling

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*Mod-1 is our “tail” version

*Mod-2 is our “tail-less” version

Sling Setup Video by @10_zero_concepts

Utilizing our experience from the last 20 years in Military, Law Enforcement, and Gov Contracting, we decided to produce a rifle sling with self retention that meets the demand of any mission in todays environment. 

What makes our sling different? After all the countless hours spent in/around military and law enforcement vehicles and the countless times we got our sling snagged on pretty much everything known to man, we developed a multi level retention system that can be utilized together, separately, or not at all. This feature is great for rifle deployment from a vehicle, patrol vehicle rifle rack, or rifle case. It also helps storing multiple rifles in a gun safe without having to deal with all the sling snags and reduced floor space and easy access. 

Because we know most shooters have a preference of using a sling with a “tail” or without, we designed two different variants of our sling to meet both needs. It doesn't make sense to force shooters to adapt to a new style sling when we can provide both.

Mod-1 is our “tail” version

Mod-2 is our “tail-less” version

All slings are made by us in the USA and are made with 100% US materials. Every sling carries a lifetime warranty on hardware and craftsmanship. 

*Retention design is Patent Pending*